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Why Us?

Its all about development!

We seek to reinvent how hockey development with a team concept can be achieved. Based In Knoxville, TN. the Junior Ice Bears Hockey Club utilizes all its surrounding assets to create the ultimate hockey experience. Following in the footsteps of our past association Team Tennessee, our community based organization look to further youth & adult hockey in our ever growing market!

Knoxville Jr. Ice Bears Philosophy

Community. Culture. Commitment.

What does Community...Culture...Commitment mean to the Knoxville Junior Ice Bears?

Community - Provide a communal environment that fosters safety, fairness, and fun.

Culture - Instill the values of team spirit, sportsmanship and a love of the game.

Commitment - Committed to enhance an overall enjoyable hockey experience while harnessing the players full potential.

We will provide the necessary resources for hockey players to reach their full potential!

Jr. Bears Mission

For the Love of the Game!

  • Provide hockey players with quality coaching, appropriate training and competition necessary to foster growth.

  • Create an atmosphere in which players will have the opportunity to develop their individual skills and team play.

  • Provide opportunities for camps and educational clinics to hockey players and their families.

  • Instill the values of team spirit, sportsmanship and fair play.

  • Provide an environment in which each player, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, or ethnic background, is treated fairly, with respect, and in a positive, supportive manner.

Core Values

  • Commitment - Fully involve and pledge ourselves to achieving our full potential.

  • Work Ethic - Always give our best effort in the things we do.

  • Passion - Devote ourselves to and be enthusiastic about playing, coaching and supporting the sport of ice hockey.

  • Integrity - Be honest, truthful, and never compromise on our principles.

  • Sportsmanship - Show fairness and respect to teammates and opponents alike. Be gracious in winning and losing.

  • Teamwork - Put aside individual needs or wants and work together for the benefit of the team and organization.

  • Have Fun - Enjoy the sport of ice hockey and camaraderie with teammates.

  • Respect - Show consideration and regard for our teammates, coaches, referees, opponents, and fans and avoid put downs or trash talk.

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