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Our Staff


Bryan Hince

President | Director of Hockey Ops

The President & Director of Youth Hockey Operations is responsible for overseeing and managing a youth hockey program. This includes developing strategies for growth and development, managing budgets, scheduling, safety protocols, coaching and training staff, and player development. They also maintain relationships with community partners and play a role in recruiting and retaining players and coaches.


John Thiel

Lead Skills Instructor \ Coach

Lead Hockey Skills Instructor designs and implements customized training programs to enhance a player's hockey skills such as skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, and defensive play. They evaluate skill levels, provide feedback and guidance, and track progress. They may also develop practice plans and stay up to date with new techniques and training methods.


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Frank Hart

Skills Instructor / Coach

Hockey Skills Instructor and Mentor is a professional who not only teaches and develops the skills of individual hockey players, but also serves as a role model and mentor to those players. This role involves providing guidance and support to players, both on and off the ice, to help them develop not only as hockey players, but as individuals.


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