Travel Team Tryouts

Age Groups


5 Tournaments

60 Ice Hours


Birth Years

2018 - 2016


35 Games

8 Tournaments

80 Development Team Hours

Birth Years

2015 - 2014


45 Games

10 Tournaments

90 Development Team Hours

Birth Years

2013 - 2012


50 Games

12 Tournaments

100 Development Team Hours

Birth Years

2011 - 2010


Final determination on number of teams will be made based on the volume and talent of players at tryouts.

Season Length

August 5th 2024


March 28th 2025


3 Days a Week

Pro Vision Hockey Academy

Knoxville Ice Chalet

2024-2025 Travel Season

Our 2024 -2025 Travel Hockey season promises an exhilarating journey for passionate players seeking competitive challenges and skill development. As part of a dedicated team, expect rigorous training sessions, intense matches against top-tier opponents, and the opportunity to showcase your talent in regional & national tournaments. With a focus on teamwork, discipline, and personal growth, this season offers unforgettable experiences and the chance to push your hockey prowess to new heights. Get ready for a thrilling ride on the road to success with the Knoxville Jr. Ice Bears organization.

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